About UK Sports Products

UK Sports Products was established in 2004, by Laurence White, who, being a professional sportsman at the time, wanted to offer the latest performance and recovery products for the elite athlete.

Our initial aim was to develop our own products, which we have been successful at, with the continued popularity of our Inflatable Ice Bath, which is sold under our own brand, White Gold.

UK Sports Products saw the need for players, athletes and teams to focus on three main areas; recovery, performance and rehabilitation, in order to stay ahead of the game. Through contacts and experience, we searched for the latest products from around the world that focus on these three main areas, and brought them to the UK market.

We offer a full range of products that cover everything from recovery, performance and rehabilitation. Our target markets are elite teams, players, athletes, private practices and rehab gyms.

Our aim is to meet the requirements of our customers by advising them on the best products for their specific needs and offering a complete solution. Alongside this we will find and bring the latest products that are effective and practical to our customers.

Based in Bedford in the UK, UK Sports Products works with manufacturers and distributors worldwide.