What is Bes-t?

Bes-t products provide a new way to provide Amino acids exactly where you need them through unique Liquid Patch system that allows you to apply amino acids on the skin where they will be absorbed by the body.

Bes-t Amino Acids

Amino acids are a well-known ingredient in nutritional supplements for their key impact on performance and recovery of athletes.

The benefits are divided into 3 main categories:

  • Increase of muscle power
  • Increase of strength and endurance
  • Recovery from muscle fatigue

The Science And Therapy Behind Bes-t

To learn more about the science & therapy behind Bes-t and liquid patches then get instant access to our free eBook.

How does Bes-t and Liquid Patch technology work?

Bes-t is the new and revolutionary way to deliver amino acids to where you need them, direct to your muscles. The special Liquid patch system allows the application of amino acids on your skin so they can be absorbed by your body. After applying the products on the skin a protective and breathable layer is formed called the Liquid patch.

This System ensures the most optimal absorption of amino acids to the muscles lying underneath the application zone. In this way Bes-t will energise your body before, during and after training/competition to increase muscular power, endurance and recovery.