Arctic Heat

What is Arctic Heat?

The Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vest is a lightweight cooling garment designed specifically to cool the body’s temperature and help aid the effects of heat stress either before, during or after physical exercise.

The vest has become an essential piece of equipment for those seeking to maximise their performance and those who are required to operate in high temperatures for extended periods of time.

How Does Arctic Heat Work?

The vest works by mimicking the body’s natural cooling process of keeping the skin dry and cool. The materials used provide a wicking effect that transfers moisture from the skin to the front of the garment keeping the skin almost completely dry.

  • Weighs just 800gm (1kg when activated)
  • Improves performance and productivity
  • Reduces skin temperature by up to 17 degrees whilst maintaining a stable core temperature
  • Lowers cardiac output towards the skin and allows more blood to be sent back to the muscles resulting in a prolonged high level of performance.
  • Easy to use and can be activated anywhere
Arctic Heat

Arctic Heat Cooling Vest

  • Controls body temperature for long periods
  • Lightweight and doesn’t restrict movement
  • Delays onset of dehydration
  • Benefits to MS sufferers, epilepsy, eczema and spinal injuries
  • Available in various sizes for a comfortable feel
Arctic Heat

Arctic Heat Cooling Cap

  • Designed to cool the scalp before, during and after illness
  • Deceases hair loss
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Ideal for migraines and headaches
Arctic Heat

Arctic Heat Neck Wrap

  • Hot or cold pack for neck complaints
  • A cooling aid in hot environments
  • Increases effectiveness when used with the cooling vest
  • Convenient and lightweight
Arctic Heat

Arctic Heat Neck Tie

  • Hot or cold pack for neck complaints
  • Increases effectiveness when used with the cooling vest
  • Can be used either around the neck or as a headband
  • Offers a soothing and cooling effect in any activity