CryoAir Devices

What are Cryoair Cold Therapy Devices?

The Cryoair Cold Therapy Devices provide cool air over areas of the skin that require attention aftersustaining an injury, and support the preparation of physiotherapy after rehab for muscle building.

Used by sports medical and physio departments, private practices, clinics and spas, Cryoair deviceshelp shorten the recovery period, assist with post-operative rehab and reduce the risk from further injury.

How Do CryoAir Devices Work?

The Cryoair Devices are a safe-to-use system that cools the air down to range between -32°C to -60°C. The required dose of air is blown through the device’s hose directly onto the areas of skin that require treatment. With this heat loss, the cold air therapy:

  • Improves mobility of joints
  • Relieves pain
  • Increases muscle strength and mobility
  • Reduces inflammations
  • Reduces swelling and muscle tension
  • Improves performance
  • Prevents from further injury
CryoAir Devices

Cryoair Mini -32°

Available in 2 different specifications
Compact and lightweight
Easy to use and transportable
Temperature range down to -32°C

CryoAir Devices

Cryoair Mini Turbo -40°

The most powerful device of the mini series
Temperature range down to -40°C
Compact and lightweight
Automatic defrost without water withdrawal

CryoAir Devices

Cryoair C-200°

Stable, long-life and brushless motor
Strongest airflow in its class
Compact and easy to use
Temperature range down to -40°C

CryoAir Devices

Cryoair Mini -600°

Lowest temperature output from all devices on the market
Ideal for continuous operation
Extremely powerful brushless motor
Temperature range down to -60°C